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Independent Auditing

External auditing provides independent, objective assurance and supports organisations by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

Choices and Voices provide audit teams and individual auditors skilled at delivering and training an empowering model of audit judged by Ofsted as effective at rapidly improving the quality and consistency of social work practice and which fits with Ofsted case tracking methodology. Our range of tried and tested tools include methodology for single and multi-agency audit across a range of thematic and service areas.

What Can Independent Audit Test?

  • Self-awareness and external challenge – How well do you know yourself and what is the evidence, who is it challenged by?
  • Accuracy of the local authorities’ self-assessment- Does the service know itself well?. Are all staff able to articulate the self-assessment?
  • Impact of practice – What difference are interventions making for children and families
  • Effectiveness of supervision- Is it regular and what difference is it making? Can you evidence support, challenge and improved outcomes for the child
  • Learning organisational culture- Can you demonstrate lessons learned (from complaints, case reviews, training) in audit

What Evidence Of Improving Outcomes For Children And Families Does Independent Audit Provide?

  • The difference you are making to the lives of children and families, and how you know
  • How you are working with families and managing the risks
  • The quality of your interventions when risk remains or intensifies, your monitoring of this and how it is managed
  • Management footprint. The quality of management oversight and decision making

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