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Complaint Handling

We provide complaint handling for local authority children’s and adults services.

Complaint handling is a key reputational issue for many organisations. This is truer today than ever before, with complaints coming through multiple channels and organisations open to intense scrutiny.

It takes a great deal of time, effort and skill to handle complaints well, which can lead to a significant drain on an organisation’s resources.

Complaints have increased substantially over recent years as a direct consequence of an increasing attitude of open dialogue and a focus on the child or adult’s experience. We work with many local authorities providing high quality investigations and support in ensuring the learning from complaints impacts positively on practice and improves outcomes for children and young /vulnerable people.

Our Experience In Complaints Handling and Training

Choices and Voices are experienced in dealing with all areas of complaints. We assist our clients in navigating them through what can be a difficult process in order to reach an acceptable remedy for both parties.

We advise on improving processes and procedures and our extensive investigative experience allows us to get to the bottom of the most difficult cases.

A strong quality assurance process has given us a reputation for robustness and independence, as a result we are the independent provider of choice for many Local Authorities. We place a significant emphasis on helping and supporting our clients, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to systematically improve their own processes and front-line services.

  • Diagnostics
    Providing an independent complaints review service.
    Systematic evaluation of current complaints process.
    Benchmarking performance against key indicators.
    Analysis demonstrating where improvements can be made.
  • Complaint Investigations
    Providing experienced Independent Investigating Officers and Independent Persons to undertake investigations in accordance with the relevant statutory guidance.
    Providing experienced stage 3 panel Chairs and members.
  • Training
    Responding to Stage 1 complaints training for front line managers.
    Support in using complaints to drive improvement.

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